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The Mad Hatter (Part 1)

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should totally be following me) you have SEEN this hat. I never thought I would be a mad hatter until I found this hat earlier this year while on a business trip. I posted a few weeks back about my long, unlucky streak with trying to find a well fitting hat that doesn’t make me feel like Ms. Celie in her first jaunt to the juke joint.  This time though, I saw this beauty and knew immediately it was going to be my one. Like Badu and her oversized hats I have been searching for one (or two) that would be my signature. I have a large head and I am prone to adorning this noggin with lots of lots of extra hair so the *right* hat was very, very important to me. This, my friends is the right hat. And while I’m at it – the right coat. Last season when I saw all of the oversized coats in brilliant colors splashed across the pages of my favorite fashion rags I fell in love! But, as much as I wanted to find the right one, every time I came across one it was TOO EXPENSIVE! However, I firmly believe when the good Lord wants me to have something He/She finds a way to make it happen. Well…it just so happens that I was not even shopping* the day I found this glorious coat. I was enroute to a friend’s house for dinner when I passed an H&M in midtown that was going out of business (34th Street in Manhattan had three in a block and a half radius and closed one – that’s all). In any event, I go inside and the whole store is 30% including sale. I race over to the Trend Collection section and low and behold – they have ONE more of these great, big, oversized coats but it’a a size SIX (you already know I ain’t no damn six) but the coat was SO big and so pretty that I had to try it on. I grabbed a ton of stuff and went to the dressing room and tried the coat on last. It was perfect. I can’t even imagine what a 12 would look like bc this was baggy enough. I get to the register and narrow down my purchases to about 5 things. The coat is retailing for $199 but all of the coats are 50% off and then there is the additional 30 for the clearance sale. The sales clerk tells me *this* coat however is not included [imagine my face]. Listen, I won’t even bore you with the long, detailed, story, but you know like I know that I left that store paying $70 for this two hundred dollar coat. Happy.

(*that’s a trick statement bc a true bargain shopper is ALWAYS shopping, hahahahahahaha!)

So here is the coat and the hat together with this glorious (and dangerous) scarf that I found on asos. Let me know what you think.

She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 1

She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 2 She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 3 She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 4 She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 5 She Slays - The Mad Hatter - Tarana Janeen 6

Hat: Forever 21 || Coat: H&M Trend (Sold out – try this one or this one) || Scarf: (similar) || Boots: Aldo (on sale!)


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