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Flashback Friday: Coat Season

*Singing* “Oh the weather outside is…actually kinda nice” BUT that’s just in my neck of the woods. If you are in the Midwest (shout out to the Chi!) you are likely already starting to experience more frigid temperatures as this gorgeous Autumn that we’ve had starts to make way for the impending Winter. Now according to the Farmer’s Almanac we are looking at a pretty mild winter this year. However, if you don’t already, please know that December is officially-officially (no pitty tacks, no take backs) COAT SEASON.

AND, in the spirit of coat season (and lazy post-Thanksgiving free time) I decided to make a list of my top (8) blog posts featuring coats. If you follow me at all or know me in real life than you already know that I am obsessed with outerwear. I think it comes from growing up in an environment where what you wore on the outside was the great equalizer. Even if you couldn’t afford expensive jeans and super stylish clothes when I was coming up – if you could manage to get whatever the latest coat and sneaker/boot was no one would question you. We spend so much time in our coats in New York that it easily becomes the most important style feature of your daily ensemble.

I love vintage coats with ornate hardware and ultra clean tailoring and feminine cuts. But, I also love prints and bright colors and texture and various lengths. This sampling of some of my favorite Autumn/Winter coats should paint the picture nicely. In fact, I forgot that I had some of these coats so I will doing a bit more ‘closet shopping’ in the coming week so that I can pull out some of these coat memories.   Click the link below each picture to see the original posts!









*Coat: H&M Trend (old) You can splurge on this or work with this more practical option; Top and Skirt: River Island (old) but this and this would be CUTE!

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