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The One with the Sequin Army Jacket

“…Sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket lining...”

That line isn’t really related to this post except that when I say certain words they make lyrics pop into my head. When I just typed ‘army jacket’ that is the line that popped up. Random you say? Why, yes, that’s me.

Green is my favorite color. In particular, shades of olive and hunter are my absolute favorites and because of that I find myself with a lot of military-esque clothing. This jacket is one I stalked. Probably the only thing I love more than green – is sequin. My twintastic homegirl and I saw it on the same person on the same day and committed ourselves to finding one for each of us. I’m happy to report that we were both successful (in case you were wondering) and both very cute in our choice of ensemble to compliment said jacket.

The dress I have on I bought the day I got the green jumpsuit from H&M – it was $15 – which made my heart glad, but I wasn’t sure about the fit. It’s also quite thin (I mean its a slip dress) but I adore the lace trimming! This outfit actually is the result of a bad hair day. I needed to be kinda cute but  my hair was not done and I had no gumption to do it either. I remembered this hat and then started building the outfit around it. I thought it was cute, the people thought it was intentional, and everyone was happy. Well, almost. I was colder than a witch’s titty after a while so I had to go home. The point is I was cute though. 😉

Here are some flicks:

She Slays: The One with the Army Green

She Slays: The One with the Army Green

She Slays: The One with the Army Green


She Slays: The One with the Army Green

See that wind! LOL! No bueno. The kid had to get back to the house.

She Slays: The One with the Army Green

Photography by @Stranglittlebird_ for Strange Bird photography


Jacket: Faubourg Du Temple (also comes in Black and White!); Dress: H&M (Sold out online  – but check your local store because they are on sale right now). This is the closest I could find here and H&M has another dress in a similar color here); Boots: Zara (old but these are some cute options here – note: I am endorsing these for style not quality. I am still not sold on H&M footwear and the boots I’ve tried have been a lil uncomfortable, but then again I have bad feet so, proceed with caution): Hat: From a street vendor in NY (but try these: here and here).


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