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The One with Red Gingham and Roses

Guess who’s biz-ack!!

Many of you know that I started a website last year shortly after my fortieth birthday called Forty is the New Forty. The site was designed for women between 38 and 49 who are looking for a space to both celebrate and commiserate about the wide array of life changes that happen in this glorious decade. I am not the ‘average blogger’ in demographic or fervor. It was HARD work launching a site with little resources and even less time. I underestimated what it would take to really be an effective, thoughtful, provocative, genuine voice for women in the fourth score. The process of creating and maintaining the site however helped me to move closer to my other passion – fashion! Well to be clear – shopping, saving and style. The one area of FITNF that was consistent was the fashion blog. So, because being in your forties is really about a process of constant re-re-discovery (not the 20/30-something kind) and because like Puffy, I can’t stop – won’t stop. I have decided to do two things: the first is re-launch Forty is the New Forty. The redesigned, revamped site will be rolling your way in just a little bit; the second thing I decided was to take the fashion blog aspect away from FITNF and create a new home. That is how She Slays was born. This site is not just my personal style diary, its a community for women like myself who enjoy shopping and saving and its a spot to check in for style inspiration. We will be sharing the latest in (relevant) fashion news; trends that are hot; style tips, and most important SALES! I’m going to get into this outfit real quick, but make sure you sign up for our email list, like us on FB and/or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest so that you can keep up on all that is going on. Thank you for rocking with me and my pet projects. I hope you enjoy!

Red Gingham and Roses

The Philly Fall has been more of an ‘Indian Summer’ so there have been a few glorious days of sunshine and warm-ish weather. I took one such day as an opportunity to sport my little full mini-skirt. I so adore this little skirt. Here’s a thing about me you guys will come to know: I get on a ‘thing’ and I don’t let it go for a while. This summer was mini-skirts. I was all about the midi full skirt last fall so when I saw the mini versions popping up last spring I was tempted but shied away. I’m not a fan of showing my legs (skinny ankles) and never quite mastered the booty/length struggle that comes with wearing minis. That being said, when I saw *this* skirt I had to get it bc, umm *adorable* or nah? Paired with this great long sleeved gingham shirt and my (other new obsession) vintage-ish red pumas, you couldn’t call my name! I love the idea of red gingham and roses, I don’t know why.

By the way, this entire outfit is from Buffalo Exchange. The skirt is from their new merch line so it’s not a resale, but the shirt, sneakers and yellow baubles all are from my favorite spot.

Check out the pictures below:

DSC_0033    DSC_0020

DSC_0008   DSC_0104

DSC_0002  DSC_0130

(Photography by: @strangelittlebird_ aka The Baby Giant)

Shirt: Vintage (similar here and here); Skirt: Buffalo Exchange (unfortunately they don’t sell online, but here are some cute alternatives here, here or splurge here); Sneakers: Puma

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  • SheSlays
    November 7, 2014 at 11:42 PM

    @Aliya -you see this skirt has that problem slightly, BUT its made of this really, really stiff fabric which kind of held it in place. But it really is the bubble booty girl’s struggle with minis. Trial and error is all I can suggest. :-/

  • Aliya
    November 7, 2014 at 12:59 PM

    So, I haven’t done minis either for that same booty/length struggle issue. Super cute skirt. But I have yet to find a short skirt that doesn’t ride up to my waist in the back and hit my knees on the front. Never!