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5 Minute Photoshoot: Easy, Breezy, Comfortable

I’m back again…like I never left. My baby girl/faux-tographer is off to college so its getting more difficult to nail down folks to snap pictures for me. Thank goodness one of my sistren was over for a visit the other day and agreed to participate in one of my 5 minute photoshoots. (Thanks Tamika!)

So let’s talk about this shirt dress. I copped it on a whim at the H&M on 34th Street (in NY) a couple of months ago. I was walking through and found it stuffed in the back of some other dresses but it still called my name! It’s heavier linen fabric with this washed, vintage colored stripes in yellow, peach, black and cream. I really loved that it reminded me of an expensive caftan that you might see on a socialite in Cannes or a St. Tropez. Although I have a personal philosophy of trying not to ever purchase anything from H&M at full price if its over $50 – I had to get this one because I knew they would go fast – and they did.

This shirtdress/caftan is easily one of the most comfortable and chic articles of summer clothing I own. I would live in it if that weren’t frowned upon!

Check it out:








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