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5 Minute Photo Shoot: Monday Stripes

Because I am trying to be more committed and consistent with content for this blog and maintain some semblance a work/life balance my daughter (fauxtographer) and I have come up with a short term solution: The 5 Minute Photo Shoot!

Now that she has graduated high school and is basically loitering in my living room until she ships off to college, my daughter is in the house before I leave for work in the morning. Because I am a wonderfully accommodating parent I wake her up and make her take a few pictures of me before I push off to go earn her tuition. ¬†The quality isn’t as great as my regular posts, but it will give you an idea of how I am tackling this ‘go into an office every day life‘ – because: UGH!

For those that don’t know I went from freelancing/consulting for the last two years to being in an office environment daily. It is really easy to be cute and on trend when you only leave the house maybe three days a week – but the Mon-Fri grind is so real. For instance, I would not be able to take five ‘consecutive’ days of photos because some days I leave the house with only five minutes to get to work. On those day, trust, I’m all about the black slacks and random shirt. However, other days I try to kick it up a notch and give the people (the ones I imagine in my head, of course) what they want. I will be back to my pre-planned and set up photo shoots soon enough (with a few surprises in store for all you slay-belles ūüėČ )

Here is my day one. Let me know what you think!

Monday Stripes1Monday Stripes2Monday Stripes3


Top: Gap (sizes are low, but this one is similar)

Pants: River Island (old) but I love these and these and I would dip into my rent money for these!

Shoes: (you can’t really see) Gap (old) check out these cuties and these too.

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