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Mad Hatter (Part II)

Ok, so by now you all have seen *the hat* right? I mean, I was pretty vocal about it – and pretty much didn’t take it off for a week. Last week I posted about the hat and coat so this week I figured I’d show what was under the coat (and hat). If you know anything about me you know that I live and breath for Onion by Whitney Mero dresses. They are the most comfortable, well designed, shape loving garments on the market. Rare is the woman who doesn’t look *amazing* in Onion. Seriously. Although they come in all manner of shapes and lengths – my favorite are the Tee Shirt family of dresses. There are short sleeve tee shirt dresses with dropped waists, and others that are long and fitted and my favorites the kind that are fitted up top and flare out a bit below the waist….but that dress now has a rival in this magnificent, work of art that I am donning in these pictures. This dress that is fitted in the body but then flares out like a queen about to turn out a ball. It is fabulous. It makes you want to walk with a wind machine because the flow is so glorious. It moves with you and against you. It gives you full curve coverage while giving you full coverage and I. Live. You will NEVER want to take this dress off – you hear me? NEVER. Like, you need to get undressed as *soon* as you get in the house or else you will find yourself curled up on your couch in this dress with your feet tucked in the bottom – fast asleep. I did very little accessories for this because I just wanted a singular bold statement. This (heavy-duty) green stone necklace from South Africa does the trick. The green against the grey made me feel so elegant and the little touch of rose gold on the bracelet and my every present silver bangles gave it the hint of ‘fancy’ that I wanted to serve. Now, these boots I’m wearing are from Aldo. You know I love a good stiletto, but mama is having to slow down month by month. I am increasingly trying to find lower, more comfortable heels to navigate this city in because: sane.

Anyway, get into these pictures and let me know what you think.

untitled-26 untitled-28 untitled-30untitled-36 untitled-33 untitled-32

Dress: Onion Cut & Sewn || Boots: Aldo (on sale now!) || Hat: Forever 21 || Coat: H&M (sold out – try this one or this) || Scarf: Asos (similar) || Necklace: Gifted



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