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Sparkle and Grime

One of the things I hear from folks all of the time is that I am always dressed up – not true. Not even *remotely* true lately. Being back in the city has me on my dress down most days just to navigate my commute from the Bronx to lower Manhattan. Anyway, just so you all can see that I do own pants – I am showcasing a more casual look this week. HOWEVER, casual in my world does not preclude sparkle 😉 so I threw on my new favorite piece of clothing to compliment my faux leather leggings. Bombers are all the rage again for some reason (90s I guess?) and I loved them back them so it’s no surprise that the resurgence has me giddy. I have turned down a ton of them to date because they just were too plain or not the right size and fit (umm, who thought oversized bombers were a good idea?) But this one from my favorite spot (H&M Trend) caught my eye immediately. I never need an excuse to wear sequin anything and I loved the color scheme. The price however gave me pause but I searched high and low for a discount code and pounced on it as soon as I found one – I knew this would sell out quickly. The booties are a different story. I first saw them on blogger Kyrzada (Do you follow her? He casual is bananas!) and thought they were adorable. They are from Aldo and with the wide heel seemed pretty practical. I started seeing them pop up on other bloggers soon and knew that they would never go on sale if they stayed so popular so I put them out of my mind. Alas, in early February when the post-holiday sales were just dying down Aldo slashed these down from to $50 from $140 – and THEN I had a (rare) discount code so they only cost me $44!! No shipping. 😉 They are not as comfortable as flats but you can do a fair amount of walking in them and keep them on for the day without wanting to cut your feet off at the ankles by the time you get home.

Check out the whole ensemble here and let me know what you think.

Sparkle and Grime - Tarana Janeen1 Sparkle and Grime - Tarana Janeen2 Sparkle and Grime - Tarana Janeen3 Sparkle and Grime - Tarana Janeen4 Sparkle and Grime - Tarana Janeen5

Jacket: H&M Trend Collection || Leggings: H&M (old – try these) || Boots: Aldo (on sale still!!) || Sunnies: ZeroUV

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  • K.Araujo
    March 31, 2016 at 1:14 AM

    When your friends slay….. Yes ma’am!