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Back to Life…Back to Reality

So life. *deep sigh* You all may or may not have noticed that I have been MIA for a few weeks. I am not a ‘professional’ blogger and I really just do this for my own personal enjoyment -but I do try to be consistent and keep a certain pace. I have couched blogging and the work that goes with it into my very busy, active professional and personal life and it has been working out pretty well. Two weeks ago that changed. I lost a really close friend of mine suddenly and it altered everything that I thought was normal and right and consistent. I have never seriously contemplated life without any of my close friends. I have thought about ‘the worst of the worse’ scenarios about close family members but never for the women and men who I have adopted as family. Losing my friend Greg has created a new reality for me and I am honestly still adjusting. I really haven’t wanted to post on social media or blog at all for the past few weeks mostly because I was having a ‘there are bigger things in life than this frivolity that we get bogged down with’ moment. But the other day another close friend of mine who also knew Greg posted a picture that was taken after his funeral. The picture was of a mass group of folks who I went to college with who had come out to celebrate his life. I looked at that picture and knew instinctively that if anyone else had been the one we lost and Greg was still here he would absolutely be encouraging us to get back to life. He would be the one telling us that we need to look at the lessons of that person’s life and try to learn from them so that we have some guidance in our new reality. So that is what I’m doing. I know this is a bit deep for a fashion blog, but this is also my outlet in many ways so I felt compelled to share. These pictures were taken a few weeks before Greg passed. I was super excited to get them back and post them because I had so much fun taking them and knew they would be so full of color and life – and they are. These pictures represent what I think are some of the best parts of me – vibrant, warm, cheerful and fun. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you are doing everything you can to enjoy life and make sure that you operate from the best parts of yourself as much as you can. <3




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